Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Founder and Director,“National Arts and Crafts Conference”, Asheville, N.C.

When Paul Unks first contacted me about becoming a participant in the annual National Arts and Crafts Conference held every February since 1988 at the historic Grove Park Inn overlooking Asheville, N.C., I had no idea at how many levels Paul would participate.

In addition to exhibiting his authentic prints of Edward Curtis photographs he painstakingly creates using the same methods and techniques practiced by the famed Arts and Crafts era photographer, Paul immediately volunteered to lead a roundtable discussion prior to the opening of the three-day Arts and Crafts Conference. The popularity of his discussion group led to an invitation for Paul to give the key noteaddress our audience of more than 1,000 collectors, curators, and enthusiasts at the 2013 Arts and Crafts Conference.Afterwards, there was quite a “buzz” going around the resort. Several people who have participated in the conference for years remarked it was the best presentation they have ever been to.

And as I have now grown to expect from Paul, his presentation was not a predictable recitation of a Curtis biography. Instead, he tantalized and captivated his audience with the topic "Edward Curtis:  Creative Photographer or Marketing Genius?" Needless to say, they left with a new appreciation and fresh view of Edward Curtis -- and Paul Unks.

Paul continues to be an active participant at the National Arts and Crafts Conference, where his booth is always filled with collectors marveling over the richness and three-dimensional qualities of his Curtis photogravures. While some come to add one of Paul's works to their collection, others come to learn even more about Edward Curtis, his life and his work. I would without hesitation recommend Paul to anyone in search of a captivating, informative, and engaging speaker, and would be happy to expand on this brief introduction at any time.

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