Piegan Encampment

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“The picture not only presents a characteristic view of an Indian camp on an uneventful day, but also emphasizes the grand picturesqueness of the Piegan, living as they do almost under the shadow of the towering Rocky Mountains.” – E. S. Curtis –

Curtis met his archeologist mentor and friend, George Bird Grinnell, here in 1899 when Curtis was 31 years old. The tipis are arranged in a big crescent shape in a beautiful Montana mountain prairie near the Great Divide for Sundance, their most sacred spiritual time of the year. This experience greatly inspired Curtis to photograph and record all the remaining intact tribal groups in the west. Fueled by his passion and vision, his quest took 30 years to accomplish. At the time, it was illegal, a felony, for them hold their ceremonies. The two leaders, who were in danger of being arrested and punished, can be seen sitting on the floor of their tipi in the photograph entitled “In a Piegan Lodge”. It wasn’t “legal” again, or allowed by the U.S. government until 1955, three years after Curtis passed away and four years after I was born. – Mountain Hawk –

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Century Curtis, Curved Bark, Mortise &Tenon Brown, Mortise &Tenon Red


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